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 +=====logging acces to attacked files under apache via php=====
 +Lets say my server is scanned by scripts from time to time. I see popping up a 404 error un the logs for
 +/​libraries/​joomla/​exporter.php ​
 +which is not a file belonging to joomla and exists only on hacked joomla instances, so theres no reason to GET this file other than malicious ones. So I've placed a file there, which logs the connection attempts
 +Sure there are other ways like analyzing apachze logs, but i think this is more comfortable.
 +$line = date('​Y-m-d H:​i:​s'​) . " - $_SERVER[REMOTE_ADDR] - $_SERVER[REQUEST_URI] - $_SERVER[HTTP_USER_AGENT]";​
 +file_put_contents('​visitors.log',​ $line . PHP_EOL, FILE_APPEND);​
 +echo "thx for supplying your IP skiddie";​
 +touch visitors.log
 +chown www-data:​www-data visitors.log
 +chmod og-r visitors.log
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