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 mknod /​var/​bind9/​chroot/​dev/​random c 1 8 mknod /​var/​bind9/​chroot/​dev/​random c 1 8
 chmod 660 /​var/​bind9/​chroot/​dev/​{null,​random} chmod 660 /​var/​bind9/​chroot/​dev/​{null,​random}
 +chown bind /​var/​bind9/​chroot/​dev/​random
 mv /etc/bind /​var/​bind9/​chroot/​etc mv /etc/bind /​var/​bind9/​chroot/​etc
 ln -s /​var/​bind9/​chroot/​etc/​bind /​etc/​bind ​ ln -s /​var/​bind9/​chroot/​etc/​bind /​etc/​bind ​
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